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New to blogging but not to writing. A lover of all things literary thanks to my gifted mother, Joyce, who read a lot to us and enhanced our vocabulary, challenging us to use dictionaries to look up words we didn't know--many of them used by her at home. Thanks, Mom! In my high school years, I basically majored in AP English and Creative Writing. John D. Harrington and Kay McGarvey were amazing educators, challenging me more than most college profs. Thank you for making college English and creative writing classes a piece of cake! Though I didn't major in English in college as an undergraduate, one of my master's degrees will be a MFA in Creative Writing along with a library of published works, starting with my blogs. Thank you WordPress!

Exploring Illinois Gulch, Idaho City, ID 6/30/17

To make the most of the last day of June 2017, I headed north on Highway 21 (which is really east, geographically) from Idaho City, hoping to find a new place to hike. I really wanted to climb a hill or a mountain as there is some interesting joy I find in summiting hills, mountains, and rocks. But, nursing a broken toe, I needed a relatively flat hike free of too many rocks or other opportunities to twist my foot into painful contorsions. As I drove around winding bends of what’s also known as Ponderosa Parkway, I remembered the Illinois Gulch sign.

Since I first started out in September of 2016 to explore Highway 21 towards Lowman, my eyes have lighted upon the dark brown Illinois Gulch sign just off of the highway on the north side. Heavy amounts of snow in winter and heavy summer traffic had prevented me from making a turn across the highway towards it. Until today.

Today I was looking for it and was ready to turn in when I saw a gap in summer traffic. Ahh, finally, seeing the sign up close. This feels right. Wait, what’s that sign hanging lazily on a chain along an old road entrance? Private Property. No Tresspassing. But I heard there’s public access from here. Well, lemme check it out, see if the signs continue. 

Walking up the gently sloped, virtually rock-free well-maintained dirt road, I saw one more set of signs. Hmmm, really? I muttered skeptically. Something kept me pushing onward and I came across these signs:

Cool! Now I know for sure that there’s public access on this road. And thank God for that, otherwise there aren’t many other roads to explore along this canyon all the way up to Mores Creek Summit towards Lowman. What’s the point of having all of this natural beauty if it’s all private property not open to respectful explorers like me? I’m a good steward of the land and want to enjoy it responsibly. Thankfully this land owner gets that!


Cool Mint Chocolate is my new favorite flavor Clif Bar. It contains caffeine for just the right energy buzz before a hike. πŸ˜πŸŒ²β›° (Order a box here or shop at your favorite local food store. Either way, Clif Bars are worth every bite! What’s your favorite flavor? Leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll enter your name in a drawing to win a box of your favorite flavor! Free favorite food. It doesn’t get much better than that. Yum! πŸ˜‹

I enjoyed the photogenic fauna along the road. Can you identify any plants? The bright pnk flower may be a wild rose. And I think the light pink flower is a Sticky Geranium. I think it would be sexy-smart to know the binomial Latin nomenclature. Plant taxonomy here I come!

River/Creek Snorkeling in Mores Creek, Idaho City, ID 6/27/17

Each day I set out hoping to have an adventure outdoors. It is what moves me, excites me and ignites me. My best self—both focused and creative, intertwined in momentarily perfect balance–comes out to play when I am outdoors. It has always been this way with me. Aligned with my true self, I climbed large hills and floated down roaring streams as a kid. Mind you I did these alone as a six year old kid in the South Hills near Twin Falls, Idaho. Adventure in the wilderness runs through my veins, beckons me to explore trails and waterways, to push further, to see what’s around the bend.

So what happens when I slip off an algae-covered rock and break at least one of the toes on my left foot? I create a “foot sling” with a rock and a bungee cord and hobble around camp. I soak it extra in the snow-melt summer-warmed creek. And then, since I can now not hike, mountain bike, or trail run, I get out my newly purchased snorkeling gear and go “River Snorkeling”, a new sport which I’ve invented or at least which is new to me! Yes, really. 

These photos should be proof enough that I am certifiably insane about being active outdoors. If you’re interested in learning to hike in the mountains and/or snorkel, please fill out my contact page and I’ll get back to you. Please tell me there are other zany people out there who want to go on adventures with me whether as friends and/or as clients. The wilderness is calling and I must go. Adventure awaits! πŸ˜€πŸŒŠπŸ’¦πŸžπŸŒ„β›°πŸŒ²πŸŒΈπŸ”β›ΊοΈπŸπŸŒΊ

My lovely colorful broken toe! Ouch!! 🀣

My beach spot in Mores Creek. Love it! πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ–

River/Creek Snorkeling is an awesomely fun way to cool off on a hot summer day!

River Snorkel with me anyone?!

Ahhhh time to relax in my beach chair in the evening sun…come join me!

Test Page I just learned

Test Post for Link Creation

I just learned from my friend Marty how to create a link. He showed me the proper code to use, so I want to try it here. But this is just a notepad on my phone and I don’t know if I type in some code that a link will be created, because maybe I have to be in HTML editor mode or something.

But I am going to be brave and just try it. I have a website that has a single page with a contact form I created on GoDaddy So now, if I did it correctly, shouldn’t that create a link? Let’s try putting in the link to my fitness website using my newfound knowledge: Fitness Website So now, if I type in Fitness Website in my text and say, “Hey, guess what? You can find those products on my Fitness Website which I created on GoDaddy.” Do the words Fitness Website and GoDaddy become links as I want them to? Or am I sounding like a completely silly parrot right now repeating the same words but getting no links built?? If this doesn’t work, I will have to take Marty up on his offer to ask him more questions about web stuff. I hope he doesn’t mind coding questions too, ’cause the closet nerd in me gets excited about this stuff and wants to be a girl who codes. πŸ™‚


WTF just happened? I had just written one paragraph about shelter, the word, and why I am writing about it today, when I held some key down for too long, according to some random decision of my keyboard or whatever, and POOF! the words I’d written disappeared into the ether! WTF? Yes, I am saying it again. And I said it plenty of times this morning when the same damn thing happened on my stupid pos smartphone. What’s so smart about a phone that chooses words I don’t ask it to, the wrong words, by the way, and then is so touchy that if I hold the back arrow from the keyboard one millisecond too long it takes me back to a screen I began on and erases my entire reply to a Facebook message? Huh?!? Tell me what’s so smart about that! Anyway, I digress. Apparently I have heavy clodding fingers that hold keys down too long and erase things. So if I suddenly disappear in the middle of a blog post you were reading, you’ll know why…….because I am not patient about computer problem things! If it doesn’t work, I just stop doing it. I’d rather go outside and play anyway. Can I say that? Can a 47 yo mother of three say that she just wants to go play outside? I think so. I think it’s okay, and in my book, that’s good enough for me. Speaking of book, I thought once, about two years ago, when I was living in a tent–not really living, just sleeping–in the winter in the mountains, not generally recommended, that I should write a book called Shelter. A book about all the kinds of shelter people sleep in all over the world. It sounded good at the time. Some metaphysical thing about one man’s shelter being another man’s palace. Or one woman’s tent home being another woman’s weekend getaway winter blast space to enjoy for a night or two. You might notice that the title of this post is “Shelter”. It was going to be only about that, well kinda, until my keyboard sucked it out into internet woowoo space, dragging it bit by bit at ultra-fast internet-destruction-speed and then I started complaining about……So the post that disappeared is just that I awoke at 9:49 this morning with the clear as a gong through the fog of my troubled, tired, anemic mind, knowledge that I was supposed to write a blog post about shelter. Not sure why. The pillow over my head told me to, or something. Here it is. Enjoy!