Test Page I just learned

Test Post for Link Creation

I just learned from my friend Marty how to create a link. He showed me the proper code to use, so I want to try it here. But this is just a notepad on my phone and I don’t know if I type in some code that a link will be created, because maybe I have to be in HTML editor mode or something.

But I am going to be brave and just try it. I have a website that has a single page with a contact form I created on GoDaddy So now, if I did it correctly, shouldn’t that create a link? Let’s try putting in the link to my fitness website using my newfound knowledge: Fitness Website So now, if I type in Fitness Website in my text and say, “Hey, guess what? You can find those products on my Fitness Website which I created on GoDaddy.” Do the words Fitness Website and GoDaddy become links as I want them to? Or am I sounding like a completely silly parrot right now repeating the same words but getting no links built?? If this doesn’t work, I will have to take Marty up on his offer to ask him more questions about web stuff. I hope he doesn’t mind coding questions too, ’cause the closet nerd in me gets excited about this stuff and wants to be a girl who codes. 🙂


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