WTF just happened? I had just written one paragraph about shelter, the word, and why I am writing about it today, when I held some key down for too long, according to some random decision of my keyboard or whatever, and POOF! the words I’d written disappeared into the ether! WTF? Yes, I am saying it again. And I said it plenty of times this morning when the same damn thing happened on my stupid pos smartphone. What’s so smart about a phone that chooses words I don’t ask it to, the wrong words, by the way, and then is so touchy that if I hold the back arrow from the keyboard one millisecond too long it takes me back to a screen I began on and erases my entire reply to a Facebook message? Huh?!? Tell me what’s so smart about that! Anyway, I digress. Apparently I have heavy clodding fingers that hold keys down too long and erase things. So if I suddenly disappear in the middle of a blog post you were reading, you’ll know why…….because I am not patient about computer problem things! If it doesn’t work, I just stop doing it. I’d rather go outside and play anyway. Can I say that? Can a 47 yo mother of three say that she just wants to go play outside? I think so. I think it’s okay, and in my book, that’s good enough for me. Speaking of book, I thought once, about two years ago, when I was living in a tent–not really living, just sleeping–in the winter in the mountains, not generally recommended, that I should write a book called Shelter. A book about all the kinds of shelter people sleep in all over the world. It sounded good at the time. Some metaphysical thing about one man’s shelter being another man’s palace. Or one woman’s tent home being another woman’s weekend getaway winter blast space to enjoy for a night or two. You might notice that the title of this post is “Shelter”. It was going to be only about that, well kinda, until my keyboard sucked it out into internet woowoo space, dragging it bit by bit at ultra-fast internet-destruction-speed and then I started complaining about……So the post that disappeared is just that I awoke at 9:49 this morning with the clear as a gong through the fog of my troubled, tired, anemic mind, knowledge that I was supposed to write a blog post about shelter. Not sure why. The pillow over my head told me to, or something. Here it is. Enjoy!


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